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Hammer Annex

Hammer Museum, 2006
Vinyl, curtains, neon, inkjet output
Status: Unrealized

During the construction of the Hammer Museum's Billy Wilder Theater, it was originally thought that most programming would have to move offsite. A nearby storefront space was located. Despite its relative proximity, it was vitally important that its connection with the Museum was immediately visible.

The use of translucent vinyl strips to give the glass a sand-blasted appearance, together with grey curtains, would have transformed the windows of the facade into a visual analogue of the Museum's striped marble building. They also would permit different levels of opacity/transparency, light/darkness depending on the needs of various events. Large, yellow neon "HAMMER" signs were to hang in the windows, aligning with the black vinyl "ANNEX" on each set of doors.

Though the design was approved, a rearrangement of space at the Museum ultimately rendered the move offsite unnecessary.

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