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Betalevel Horn o’ Plenty

Harvest festival
November 26, 2010
Betalevel, Chinatown L.A.

For this collaborative Betalevel event, attendees were broken into four teams which competed in apple bobbing, extreme cornholing, robot farm animal racing, and a dainty pie eating contest to determine who were the ultimate harvest kings and queens. The scheduled musician didn't show up, but DJ Harvestpacalypse played all the traditional folk classics, such as Harvester of Sorrow and Popcorn. The Royal Academy's main contribution (besides creating the cornhole) was running the photobooth. Everybody loves a photobooth.

HornOPlenty_0086-small.jpg: 399x600, 119k (December 01, 2010, at 02:04 AM)
HornOPlenty_0082-small.jpg: 399x600, 116k (December 01, 2010, at 02:03 AM)
HornOPlenty_0101-small.jpg: 399x600, 110k (December 01, 2010, at 02:06 AM)
HornOPlenty_0108-small.jpg: 399x600, 117k (December 01, 2010, at 02:07 AM)
HornOPlenty_0144-small.jpg: 399x600, 104k (December 01, 2010, at 02:13 AM)
HornOPlenty_0130-small.jpg: 399x600, 118k (December 01, 2010, at 02:11 AM)
HornOPlenty_0072-small.jpg: 399x600, 110k (December 01, 2010, at 02:01 AM)
HornOPlenty_0128-small.jpg: 399x600, 114k (December 01, 2010, at 02:09 AM)

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