/ Natl Bag / 28 December 2007

28 December 2007

Download: Hours 1 & 2

The Indie Pop Show Where the First Half Is in Mono

  • Hour 1
  • The Field Mice: Let's Kiss and Make Up
  • Lois: Indie
  • Joe Jackson: Look Sharp
  • Churchbuilder: French Kiss Conspiracy
  • Even as We Speak: Anybody Anyway
  • Cex: First for Wounds
  • Josef K: Heart of Song (Peel Session)
  • Mates of State: Whiner's Bio
  • A Silent Film: Until I See You
  • Autoclave: Dr. Seuss
  • The Submarines: South American Uniform
  • The Vaselines: Son of a Gun
  • The Sweetest Ache: If I Could Shine
  • Skinny Puppy: Love
  • Crispy Ambulance: Simon's Ghost
  • Nico: Winter Song
  • Intermission
  • Sigue Sigue Sputnik: Atari Baby (Uzi Baby)
  • Hour 2
  • Maximum Joy: White & Green Place
  • The Icicle Works: Birds Fly (Whisper to a Scream)
  • Oppenheimer Analysis: Cold War
  • Baxendale: Inside Information
  • Fischerspooner: The Best Revenge
  • Lio: Fallait Pas Commencer
  • Richard Pinhas: Iceland II
  • Comet Gain: The Kids at the Club
  • Scrotum Poles: Pick the Cat's Eyes Out
  • Madness: My Girl
  • The Neon Boys: Don't Die
  • The Razorcuts: Summer in Your Heart
  • Barbara Morgenstern: 37
  • Gillian Welch: Everything Is Free
  • The Haywains: Kill Karaoke


Not only is the first half in mono but it is also quite distorted. Guess Jon was right about the archive distorting everything above a certain level. (Hope the show doesn't normally broadcast like that.) Anyway, will make an effort to keep the levels lower in the future in case the recorder fails again.