/ Natl Bag / 11 January 2008

11 January 2008

Download: NOT coming soon (see below)

The Muted Mic Show

  • Hour 1
  • Book of Love: Lost Souls
  • Artery: Afterwards
  • Chin Chin: Dark Days
  • Spirit of the West: Home for a Rest
  • Moderne: Indicatif
  • Anne Briggs: Tangled Man
  • Calvin Harris: Certified
  • Bleach: First
  • Ike & Tina Turner: Nutbush City Limits
  • The Cat's Miaow: Nothing New
  • Moose: Last Night I Fell Again
  • Ut: Canker
  • Seaworthy: Map in Hand Pt. 5
  • Ginger Ale: Someday's Another Day
  • Incredible Force of Junior: Greatest Thing
  • Intermission
  • Eggs: This Party Never Ends
  • Hour 2
  • B-Movie: Polar Opposites
  • The Fat Tulips: Independence Day
  • Max Tundra: Lysine
  • Sol Invictus: Oh What Fun
  • Lloyd Cole & The Commotions: Pretty Gone
  • The Jam: But I'm Different Now
  • The Real People: track 8
  • Cyber People: Void Vision
  • The Nails: 88 Lines about 44 Women
  • The Chesterf!elds: Kiss Me Stupid
  • Yello: Lost Again
  • Elvis Costello: Veronica
  • The Cat's Miaow: A 50s Ballad
  • Johnny Says Yeah!: Suzie
  • White Shoes & The Couples Company: Aksi Kucing
  • LFO: Nurture (Surgeon Remix)
  • Damon & Naomi: Information Age

Yeah once, once and one time only

So, I've decided to make the show live only -- effective immediately. While I see the virtue of having it available on demand after the fact, I am just not sure it is worth the effort. How many people would ever really download the show and listen to it more than once? And would those people instead just listen live if that was the only option? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I do know that it actually took a good deal of time and effort to clean up each show and upload it. And, right now, I need to be spending a little less time on the whole thing. Plus, knowing that the shows don't have an afterlife makes it much easier for me to relax and have fun with it all rather than worrying about getting it "perfect." Anyway, absent massive amounts of negative feedback, that's the way it's going to be. Long live live radio.

Update - 5/23/08

I've been uploading recorded shows to the archive again periodically. These are mono-only, like the live broadcast, rather than stereo (as I was doing for a while). I make no promises that this will ever be done in a timely fashion or that it will necessarily be done at all, but it is likely that it will happen now and then. Enjoy!