/ Natl Bag / 25 January 2008

25 January 2008

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The Show Where Some Sketchy-Sounding Dude Called the Station and Asked If We Make Porn Movies (We Don't)

  • Hour 1
  • Sparks: The Number One Song in Heaven (12" Mix)
  • The English Beat: Mirror in the Bathroom
  • The Legendary Bang: Just a Friend
  • Karel Fialka: Hey Matthew
  • Syntoma: Subliminal
  • Chris & Cosey: Walking through Heaven
  • The Time: Jungle Love (12" Mix)
  • This Poison!: I'm Not Asking
  • The Hi-Life Companion: You're the Greatest
  • Jane from Occupied Europe: Little Valley Town
  • Silver Screen: You Said
  • Cluster & Eno: Mit Simaen
  • Xenia: Moja Prijateljica
  • Changes: Horizons That I See
  • The Particles: Apricot's Dream
  • Propaganda: P-Machinery
  • Yeah Jazz: Sharon
  • Hour 2
  • Free Loan Investments: Bomb the Bourgeoisie
  • Drexciya: Surface Terrestial Colonization
  • Information Society: What's on Your Mind (Pure Energy)
  • The Ronettes: (The Best Part of) Breaking Up
  • Nu Shooz: I Can't Wait
  • JYL: Computer Love
  • Lene Lovich: I Think We're Alone Now
  • A-Ha: I've Been Losing You
  • The Pines of Rome: Of Rose Hobart
  • Mary Timony Band: Sharpshooter
  • The Bedflowers: I Am So Cool
  • Dallas: Lorsque Tu Dors
  • The Three O'Clock: Jet Fighter
  • AFX: Pissed Up in SE1
  • Les Savy Fav: Comes & Goes