/ Natl Bag / 22 February 2008

22 February 2008

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The Best Intentions Show

  • Hour 1
  • Ausgang: Here It Comes
  • Dandi Wind: Apotemnophilia
  • How Many Beans Make 5?: Another Friendly Face
  • The Ocean Blue: A Familiar Face
  • Mountains: Blown Glass Typewriter
  • The Church Grims: Seen It All
  • Dalek I Love You: The World
  • Les Goths: I Remember
  • Camera Obscura: If Looks Could Kill
  • Loop: Arc-Lite (Sonar)
  • Sagentoeter: Several Ways
  • Ulrich Schnauss: Monday Paracetamol
  • Pretty Poison: Tempest Nightmare
  • The Harvest Ministers: 6 O'Clock Is Rosary
  • Siouxsie & The Banshees: Red Light
  • Hour 2
  • Coil: Christmas Is Now Drawing Near
  • The Shapiros: Cross Your Mind
  • The Kensingtons: Please Don't Lie to Me
  • Grand Master Flash & The Furious Five: Scorpio
  • Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam: Can You Feel the Beat
  • Eurythmics: Love Is a Stranger
  • Juniper Moon: El Resto de Mi Vida
  • Talulah Gosh: Don't Go Away
  • The Busy Signals: Busy Busy Busy
  • Combo Audio: Romanticide
  • The Human League: I Don't Depend on You
  • SPC ECO: You're Alright
  • Holland: Stampstain
  • Ad Infinitum: Telstar
  • Northern Picture Library: Dear Faraway Friend

I Like It When Things Just Work

Well, I really had the best intentions of updating the playlist live during the show. But I guess my web host is having internet issues, so it kept going down. Such is life. Next week! Next week I should hopefully be able to start doing that. Which will be nice. Because then you don't have to strain yourself to understand my mumbled announcements.