/ Natl Bag / 26 June 2009

26 June 2009

The Gate Stormin' Show, Very Professional

  • Hour 1
  • Flying Saucer Attack: Oceans
  • Whirling Pope Joan: Bloodlines
  • Bob Dylan: One More Cup of Coffee
  • Bob Dylan: Oh Sister
  • Evie Sands: Any Way That You Want Me
  • Furry Lewis: Billy Lyons and Stackolee
  • Odetta: No Expectations
  • Mahogany: Anais No. 4
  • Caldera Lakes: Antiques of You
  • Emily Lacy: Keep You Out
  • Circulatory System: Until Moon Medium Hears the Message
  • Pascal Comelade: San-Salvador
  • Anavan: Boom
  • Hour 2
  • Emily Lacy: Are You Thinking of Me?
  • Emily Lacy: Physics of Night (Live)
  • Emily Lacy: Winter Dawn (Live)
  • Emily Lacy: There You Were (Live)
  • Emily Lacy: Puncture
  • Emily Lacy: Sleeping Birds (Live)
  • Emily Lacy: Mole in the Ground (Live)

Mentioned on today's show

Personal Creation Chambers (featuring Emily Lacy)
Friday, June 26, at Sea and Space Explorations

Mild Light (featuring Emily Lacy)
Thursday and Friday, July 2 and 3, at the Manual Archives

Battle sets from Anavan and others
Friday, June 26, at The Smell

Oh, and the name of that violinist on that Dylan album is Scarlet Rivera.