/ Natl Bag / 30 October 2009

30 October 2009

The Video Killed the Radio Show

UPDATE (12/12/09): This week, technical difficulties had prevented me from doing my show as usual, so I decided to post a list of links to amazing/fun/funny music videos instead. Then I went on vacation for a couple weeks. Then I got back and other technical difficulties prevented me from doing a show that week. And then I got fed up and decided to quit the station.

Why is this important in this context?

Because, well, it seems slightly weird to me that this should be my last "show." But the last it is. At least until I figure out in what form the show will continue (and it will in some form). We've been talking about doing something with internet radio at Betalevel, so keep an eye out for that.

Until then, enjoy these videos. I've been updating the list as I find more that seem worthy of inclusion and will probably continue to do so. It would be awesome to have this page grow into a huge list of Nat'l Baggy videos, old and new. For now, it is what it is: a small collection of videos, some obvious, some obscure, all, even the ridiculous, sublime.