/ Natl Bag / 27 April 2012

27 April 2012


Lookin' for a Real Potato

Chocolate Rain, Chocolate Phase, wax cylinders, and fake English: we've got a real, live composer in the house this week! Isaac Schankler joins us to to class up the show a little bit and keep us from biting each other's heads off. Won't you buy a potato?

  • Devo: Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA
  • St. Vincent: Krokodil
  • Le Tigre: What Yr Take on Cassavetes
  • Debashish Bhattacharya: Nata Raaj
  • Arthur Sullivan: Lost Chord wax cylinder
  • Isaac Schankler: Mobile II
  • Adriano Celantano: Prisencolinensinainciusol
  • Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto: Moon
  • Anna Oxa: Un'Emozione da Poco
  • Lio: Amoureux Solitaires
  • Automelodi: Rayons de Rien
  • La Roux: Bulletproof
  • Windy & Carl: Whisper
  • Edith Frost: What's the Use
  • Carpenters: Goodbye to Love
  • Tenniscoats: Abi and Travel
  • Tay Zonday: Chocolate Rain
  • Isaac Schankler: Chocolate Phase
  • Geneva Jacuzzi: Clothes on the Bed
  • Richard Pinhas: Iceland
  • Talulah Gosh: Escalator Over the Hill
  • SPK: Machine Age Voodoo
  • Wilburn Burchette: Psychic Fire
  • M.I.A.: Uraqt (Diplo Mix)
  • Elvis Costello: Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
  • Emitt Rhodes: Promises I've Made
  • Spice Girls: Giving You Everything