/ Natl Bag / 21 September 2007

21 September 2007


Hour 1
B-Movie: Nowhere Girl
Communicating Vessels: Charminar
Advantage Lucy: Rabbit
Kuruki (Belgian; not Swedish! I lied): Such a Liar
Let's Active: Blue Line
Barcelona: Robot Trouble
Harmonia: Hausmusik
Ministry: I'm Falling
Lio: Je Ne Sais Pas Dire Oui
The Teardrop Explodes: Like Leila Khaled Said
The Sound: I Can't Escape Myself
X: Los Angeles
Kommunity FK: The Vision and the Voice
Kirlian Camera: Blue Room
Eagle Quest: Blue Freefall

Hour 2
Raymond Scott: Little Miss Echo
Kim Wilde: Words Fell Down
Stockholm Monsters: Happy Ever After
Blind Mr. Jones: Eyes Wide
Death In June: Break the Black Ice
J Dilla: So Far to Go
Future Conditional: We Don't Just Disappear
M.I.A.: Jimmy
Cetu Javu: Have in Mind
Fuzzbox: Console Me
The Field Mice: So Said Kay
The Durutti Column: Otis
Q-Feel: Dancing in Heaven (Orbital Bebop)
The Rosehips: Crazy Kind of Normal
Vangelis: Damask Rose
Shawn Vandor: Time Is on Your Side (karaoke mix)