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This course was an introduction to the concepts, history, and practice of typography. It surveyed traditional, modern, contemporary, and experimental approaches, progressing from the micro to the macro, from the level of the letter to the word to the page to the book.

The emphasis was on introducing participants to as broad a range of ideas as possible and then suggesting possible avenues for further, in-depth study. The goal was to provide the means for creative people in other fields to begin to be typographically self-sufficient (rather than rely on professional design help).


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The Public School is a school with no curriculum. At the moment, it operates as follows: first, classes are proposed by the public (I want to learn this or I want to teach this); then, people have the opportunity to sign up for the classes (I also want to learn that); finally, when enough people have expressed interest, the school finds a teacher and offers the class to those who signed up.

The Public School is not accredited, it does not give out degrees, and it has no affiliation with the public school system. It is a framework that supports autodidactic activities, operating under the assumption that everything is in everything.

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