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Videosynth Portrait Info

Thank you for your interest in participating in the videosynth portraits project!

To make sure this goes as smoothly as possible for everyone, please read through the info below to know what to expect from the process. Sorry for the level of detail, but I think it is best to make sure there is no confusion down the line.

This information is based on current conditions, during the ongoing global Covid-19 pandemic. As the situation changes, the process can and will adjust accordingly.

1. Capture session

a. To capture high quality video as a starting point for the process, this will need to be done in person (I'm in Los Angeles). For maximal safety, we can meet and shoot outdoors. I ask that you wear a mask to the session, but you will need to be maskless during actual shooting. I will wear a mask the whole time and keep my distance as much as possible.

b. While the ideal would be to include capture and processing as one continuous procedure, this requires a fair amount of gear and is therefore not possible in an outdoor setting. So the capture process will be fairly banal (sorry if you were excited to see the video synth in action!). Really not much video is required to get a lot of possibilities since I will loop playback as I process it. Generally, 3-5 minutes is more than enough. It can be quick.

c. It is best to wear a shirt that is a single, solid color, with a value that clearly contrasts one's skin (either lighter or darker is fine).

d. You will be asked to sign a model release waiver. It will basically just restate the points made on this page.

e. There is no fee for this but also no payment.

2. Processing

a. I will then take the captured video and process it at a later time. While this will probably happen soon after the capture session, depending on my schedule, it may take some time to get to it.

b. Most important thing to note here is that, by agreeing to participate, you are agreeing that I can process the video however I see fit. It is possible, and indeed quite likely, that the images of you will end up quite abstract/odd-looking. More Picasso than Vermeer. Please take a close look at past images for an idea of what to expect. It is not my intention, however, to make anyone look "bad" or feel uncomfortable (see 3d, below). Basically asking for a little trust here. Thanks!

3. Images

a. I will provide you with at least one and probably several processed stills from the session. Standard definition NTSC video is a low resolution format and so the image files will be rather small, but I will provide the highest resolution I have.

b. You will be allowed to use the images in the following ways: post to personal social media accounts or websites, use as personal social media avatar/icon, and print for personal, non-commercial use. Other uses are probably fine too, just please ask first. It is really only in situations like if you decide you want to use one as the cover for your major label album debut, well, I'd want some money for that.

c. By participating, you are agreeing that I can use all resultant images in any way I see fit (with the exception of 3d, below). This right may be transferred to other parties. I don't anticipate getting rich off this series, but also can't realistically track subjects down years after the fact for permissions for whatever opportunities might come up, so I need to have flexibility here. Most likely uses are posting online, making saleable prints, or publishing in book format.

d. The images cannot be used to endorse any third-party product, event, campaign, or service, with the exception of in relation to an exhibition or event in which the images are being displayed or discussed.

e. I have generally been identifying images by subject's first name and then a number (and possibly might start adding a date). If there ends up being any images which you would prefer not be associated with your name, I am happy to instead use "Untitled" or "Anonymous" or some other to-be-determined generic name for those images.